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Dark Days Demo


silvertongue devils


Silvertongue Devils is a Folk Rock band with heavy bluegrass, jam, and indie influences from Muskegon, MI. With acoustic guitar, effected mandolin, electric bass, and a drum set they bring a wide variety of original music with subtle haunting lows and energetic, raging highs.

The band began with singer/songwriter Charlie James and has grown and evolved into the current four-piece power house over the last several years.

Silvertongue Devils have a sound that is widely accessible, yet deeply soulful, reflecting on life's greatest struggles, the joy and triumph of pulling through, and the beauty of life itself.


Lead Vocals, Guitar / Charlie James
Vocals, Mandolin / Kyle Hardie
Bass / Shane Jenkins
Drums / Evan Follmar



Dark Days Live Demo

by Silvertongue Devils

This is a set of four live tracks recorded in Muskegon, MI in the summer of 2017 and represents the first recordings with drummer Evan Follmar. The Dark Days Live Demo features several songs to be included on the upcoming Whiskey Mountain album.



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